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Electrochlor Salt Water Chlorinator

Tipe dan harga Electrochlor Salt Water Chlorinator


Deskripsi Produk Electrochlor Salt Water Chlorinator

Consistently maintained sanitizer levels in the pool water will prevent the growth of all common algae. A salt-water chlorinated pool requires much less attention than a chlorine pool. A salt water pool provides a more comfortable swimming environment. Salt water feels better and is less irritating to the body than standard chlorinated water.


  • Easy to program analogue timer
  • Precision chlorine production controls
  • High performance titanium electrolytic cell
  • Self cleaning electrolytic cell
  • 4 bar pressure rated salt cell housing
  • 5 year’s conditional warranty. Please refer to Waterco’s warranty terms and conditions.

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Aneka Pompa Kolam
Aneka Pompa Kolam